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Airshifter with clutchless up/downshifts

A short clip of the latest Airshifter from Racegadgets which now includes solid state hall effect sensors as part of the closed loop clutchless up and down shift system. Feedback is also used from the neutral switch to give reliable neutral selection. Other new features include a choice of twin miniature compressors (for motorcycle applications) or a larger compressor where space isnt so limited.

Air-Shifter A pneumatic ram/cylinder is controlled by handlebar buttons or paddles through a control box to move the gear lever. The air is provided by miniature compressor(s). With add-ons such as sensors for full throttle quick-shifts and throttle blip for clutchless down-shifts, the Air-shifter is suitable for many motorsport and track day vehicles.

Quick-Shifter allows faster, full throttle, clutch-less gear changes resulting in increased acceleration, better corner stability, reduced rider fatigue and improved lap times. The Rapidshift comes with either position sensor or toe pedal pressure sensor. Quickshift video

The latest addition to the Racegadgets product range is the Shift-Blip which allows full throttle clutchless upshifts and smoother, faster clutchless downshifts. Supplied with a position sensor, the twin pickups determine when the up/down shifts are initiated. For "fly by wire" vehicles (see Astra Racing Shift-Blip) the throttle blip is achieved electronically, for conventional cable/linkage operated fueling, a solenoid is used.

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